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Summer Opportunities at Biological Field Stations

For students interested in field biology, ecology, botany, zoology or animal behavior, having a “field station experience” could be one of the most exciting, interesting, and formative opportunities of your education. Many faculty have attended field stations during their undergraduate years. Students typically have the opportunity to take field courses in a variety of biological areas and nearly all of these courses will count toward the biology major. If you consider spending a summer at a field station, please talk with your advisor and the chair of the department about obtaining pre-approval for credit that you will be given toward the major.

The websites below are useful for finding a field station that is right for you.

Organization of Biological Field Stations

Visit the Organization of Biological Field Stations for a complete list of the biology field stations that offer summer courses in biology. Many of them have courses that will satisfy course requirements in the Biology major. You will need to have course credits approved by your adviser and the department chair prior to attending a field station.

Recommended Field Stations

Below is a list of some of the best field stations in the country and are ones specifically recommended by the department. Some of these stations also offer summer research opportunities for undergraduate students similar to the URSI program.