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Pre-Professional Advising

Students majoring in biology are frequently interested in preparation for pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-veterinary school. The department offers a number of courses that provide ideal preparation for pre-professional examinations and for a career in medicine, dentistry, public health, or in veterinary health.

Listed below are a few biology courses that are useful to take if you wish to pursue a pre-medical program. These courses can be part of a biology major and will still provide enough flexibility to take courses in other areas of biology and in the college as a whole. Students pursuing pre-professional studies as biology majors are also able to study abroad and to double major. Some students select study abroad programs where they gain experience in third world public health issues and in veterinary science or animal science, for example. A number of our students pursue field work courses (BIOL 290's) during the semester, where they work in hospitals or in doctors’ or veterinarians’ offices to gain valuable experience.

Any member of the biology faculty will be happy to discuss course selections with you. Additionally, one or more members of the biology faculty usually serve as pre-medical advisors, and you may wish to take to opportunity to discuss your interests with them.

Courses for Preparation for Pre-Professional Examinations

You should consult the Office for Fellowships and Pre-Health Advising for information on the minimum requirements for each of these fields.

Introductory courses

  • Biology 105 - Introduction to Biological Processes
  • Biology 106 - Introduction to Biological Investigation

Intermediate courses

  • Biology 205 - Microbiology
  • Biology 226 - Animal Structure and Diversity
  • Biology 228 - Animal Physiology
  • Biology 238 - Genetics
  • Biology 272 - Cellular Biochemistry
  • Biology 280 - Cellular Structure and Function
  • Biology 281 - Comparative and Functional Vertebrate Anatomy

Advanced courses

  • Biology 316 - Neurobiology
  • Biology 323 - Cell Biology
  • Biology 324 - Molecular Biology
  • Biology 350 - Evolutionary Biology
  • Biology 370 -Immunology

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